Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mini-Review: Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits (Tracers #8)

by Laura Griffin


FBI agent Elizabeth LeBlanc is still caught in the aftermath of her last big case when she runs into the one man from her past who is sure to rock her equilibrium even more. Navy SEAL Derek Vaughn is back home from a harrowing rescue mission in which he found evidence of a secret terror cell on US soil. Elizabeth knows he’ll do anything to unravel the plot—including seducing her for information. And despite the risks involved, she’s tempted to let him. Together with the forensics experts at the Delphi Center, Derek and Elizabeth are closing in on the truth, but it may not be fast enough to avert a devastating attack…
Themes:  contemporary, military, FBI
Rating: 4 stars
Heat Rating: 
Finally, the tracers are back.  I have loved this series and author since the first time I picked up one of her books, and though I started with her Glasser sisters series, the tracers series stemmed from that and remains one of my favorite romantic suspense series.  The Tracers are a group of individuals that all work in police fields, mainly in Texas, and are working at or with the Delphi Center, a hugely funded and sought after forensic lab with only the best in their fields, ranging from computer forensics to forensic anthropology and everything in between.  If you are a fan of CSI type stories or stories about the good guys outsmarting the bad guys to defeat them, you will love the Tracers series and all the men and women that Griffin portrays in them.  Beyond Limits revolves around two individuals that have worked together before, FBI Agent Elizabeth and sexy Navy SEAL Derek, as they work together, somewhat reluctantly, to bring down a terrorist plot and try to prevent disaster.  But the passion between them, passion that was denied the last time they worked together, is forcing them into dangerous territory and Liz will have to come to terms with the drama that could come along in any relationship with a man like Derek.  This story was packed with drama both personal and professional for both Derek and Liz and you just didn't know if they were going to figure everything out in time or not.

Derek and Liz get off to a rocky start, mainly because they have been circling around each other for so long and Derek has been trying to convince Liz to take a chance on them.   Thrust back into each other’s path, Derek and Liza have to finally deal with all the emotional baggage coming between them and see if they have a chance at a relationship.  One that might offer them both exactly what they need and change their lives forever.  I love Derek, even though at times he was frustratingly high handed in the way he handled things with Liz.  There were times I wished he was just a bit more ready and willing to share with her and trust her with his thoughts and feelings.  Not to mention the details of the case that he played very close to the vest, keeping secrets until he was ready to share them, usually at the last minute.  But that being said he was a great character with just enough flaws to take him from superhero SEAL to lovable and sweet man, a man that Liz could truly love.  Similarly Liz had some serious issues to work through so that she could find a way to have a relationship with Derek, mainly getting over the fact that Derek was a SEAL and would never be around. Liz was a pretty interesting character in her own right, an FBI agent on the rise and one that is determined to keep the public safe, even if it means bending a few rules (or allowing Derek to), and she will make sure that she gets the job done, even at the risk of her life or the life of the man she loves. 

This story was one that revolves around the most important choice that any public servant has to make, sacrificing for the greater good, and Derek and Liz are both willing to give their last breath to keep a terrorist from killing thousands.  The plot and suspense of this story were amazingly written, with tons of  twists, secrets uncovered, and developments you never see coming.  Of course, the relationship plays a big role as they build and break trust between them and their passion fuels the fire that keeps them coming together again and again.  Derek was sexy, sweet, and determined to get his woman, even if he has to break through, climb over, or blast down the walls she's built around her heart.  Liz is just as determined that while she'll have a fling with Derek, it will never go beyond the physical need he fuels in her, but she falls hard as they face danger and the deadly truth that life and death don't always come when you expect them.  Griffin is the type of author that weaves a story that will capture your brain as well as your heart, and she even manages to sneak in a few cameos of characters that have come in previous books.  I also loved getting to meet more of Derek's team and kind of hope they get stories of their own someday.  All-in-all Beyond Limits stands up to its name beautifully, going  beyond the limits of imagination and beyond all my expectations.  I cannot wait for the next book in the series and hope that Griffin keeps the Tracers alive for many years to come.

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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