Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ARC Mini-Review: Protective Instinct

Protective Instinct (Moon Shifter #5.5)

by Katie Reus


 A woman worth fighting for…
Wolf shifter Teresa is blown away by her packmate Ryan’s honesty about his past and his rare empathic powers. She wants him in her bed—and her life. The only problem: Ryan insists they wait, because the last thing he wants is to recreate the hellish family he grew up in. Frustrated, Teresa jumps at the chance to assist a packmate off the ranch—far away from Ryan.
On the way, their vehicle is run off the road—and it wasn’t an accident. Ryan rushes to Teresa’s side, determined to protect her. But there’s a dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows, and if Ryan doesn’t break out of his old thinking and put his faith in his and Teresa’s love—and their ability to overcome obstacles together—it will be too late.
Themes:  shifters, magick, vampires, paranormal
Rating: 3.75 stars
Heat Rating: 
Protective Instinct is the story of the long anticipated love between Ryan and Teresa, and fans of the series will not be disappointed.  Ryan and Teresa have been circling one another since the first story when their packs were integrated and they set eyes—and noses—on one another.   Reus has the amazing ability to make you fall in love with her characters and really invest in their happiness so I have been waiting a long time for Ryan to pull his head from his ass and show Teresa how important and special she is to him, and so has Teresa.  The story picks up shortly after the previous full length novel, Hunter Reborn, ends and if you haven’t read that one I have to alert to coming spoilers, because Hunter Reborn is where the passion between Teresa and Ryan really comes to a head forcing them to admit their feelings to each other.  Like all other stories in this series, there is some intensity when enemies attack, lots of emotional angst, and of course the passion inherent in wolves and humans that share their wolves with them.  I loved this story and cannot wait for more in the series. 
Ryan and Teresa are mates that have some serious issues, mainly that Ryan refuses to accept and embrace the mating and Teresa is quickly losing patience.  In the previous story Ryan finally made a verbal claim, but he is determined that Teresa spend time thinking about her decision before they mate, way more time than Teresa needs.  To get away from her frustrating mate, Teresa takes an assignment from her Alphas; never imaging the danger she would be putting herself or her mate in.  I enjoyed Teresa’s stance on not letting Ryan pussyfoot around anymore, especially since it was emotionally dragging her down, and forcing him to finally quit stalling.  She is a kickass lady with compassion, sweetness, and fierceness when protecting those she loves.  Ryan, once he wizens up, was a great character too, with seriously cool tech skills, the ability to kill just about anything standing between him and his mate and the sensuality of an alpha man at his best.  When these two finally reach a point where they can each accept the mating and give into the heated desire coursing between them it becomes almost hotter than I could handle.  I think these two, and the pup that Ryan has adopted, will make a cute little wolf family and will soon expand if the passion between them is any indication.  I am very much looking forward to whoever’s story is next in this series and of course getting to continue reading all the other great series that Ms. Reus has currently filling my physical and electronic bookshelves.  Another great addition to my collection Katie, you rock!

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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