Thursday, May 28, 2015

ARC Review: My Highland Lover

My Highland Lover (Highland Hearts #1)

by Maeve Greyson


 As the proprietor of a homeopathic store in rural Kentucky, Trulie Sinclair
knows that her neighbors think she’s strange—but they have no idea how strange she really is. Trulie was born in Scotland in the thirteenth century to a line of time-traveling Highlanders. When Trulie’s grandmother convinces her to return to their homeland,Trulie jumps back in time, right onto the powerful chest of Gray MacKenna. Just as his steely good looks send ripples through her body, their fierce attraction will send ripples through the ages.
After his parents murdered, Gray is consumed by thoughts of revenge. As the new chieftain of the MacKenna clan, he has reason to believe that there’s a traitor in his midst, and nothing—not even the bonny lass who suddenly drops from the sky—can distract him from his single-minded pursuit of the culprit. But when Gray learns that this sassy beauty possesses gifts beyond the sparkle in her eye, he allows his gaze, and his heart, to linger. While he hunts for the murderer, Gray finds in Trulie a precious companion—and a timeless love.
Themes:  time travel, historical, paranormal
Rating: 1.75 stars
Heat Rating:
While I am truly an avid reader, I can honestly there are very few books, especially in my chosen genre, that I truly didn’t like in the end.  I have read a few that I didn’t like a the beginning but came to enjoy and even a few I hated so much that I couldn’t even finish, but this story was just so ho-hum that I kept thinking it would get better so I went all the way, but I have to say it was really not a book I enjoyed.  While there was plenty of drama and the characters were ok, my biggest issue with this story is there never seemed to be any times of calm, it was like jumping from one mountain peak to another and never making the trip down into the valleys.  As soon as one disaster had been dealt with, overcome, or gotten over, another tragedy, or emotional upheaval would follow.  This left me feeling exhausted for the characters and made me miss the quiet moments, the moments when the lovers get to really know one another and can find a common ground to build their future on.  I liked the premise of the story, though time travel is not one of my favorites, but in the end the choppy writing and plot point jumps were just not supported enough for me. 
The characters were also not some of the best I’ve seen. Trulie was so all over the place with her emotions and thoughts that I couldn’t keep up, even when she was simply dealing with a hard time in the present, and when her life really gets complicated I was so confused with her that I was had to stop reading a while to get my own head back on straight.  Gray was a bit of a boring character for me, with some dialogue and actions thrown in that left me wondering if this guy lives in the 13th century or the 13th century BCE?  All in all not a great read for me, but please feel free to explore for yourself and see if this is more along the lines of something you might enjoy.  Sadly I wasn’t able to connect with the characters, story, or author in this one so I think I will have to avoid future stories, even though I would have liked to have enjoyed this book enough to see what happens with the other sisters in the future…err past?  Maybe when the rest of the series is released I will skim those books to learn the end game for the sisters and see if Granny ever grows up, since she was the only character I really loved.  Moving on to the next adventure.
*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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