Ratings/Review Rubric

I have been reading and following reviews for several years now and have discovered that the best of the blogs always have a two prong rating scale.  As I begin my reviews and (hopefully) gather more followers I want everyone to understand just how I come to my ratings.

Part A: Overall plot and greatness of the story.
This rating scale will be how I express my overall feelings on the books.  This will include the plot line, story development if it is part of a series, character development, and all the other little things that make any story great.
This will be done of a five star scale.
  • 5 - LOVED IT! and will definitely re-read someday.
  • 4 - Really enjoyed it and recommend you read it too.
  • 3 - Good read and will give the author another chance.
  • 2 - Didn't care for it, but I’ll keep an open mind for future reads.
  • 1 - Did not finish and/or will not try this author again.

Part B:  Love/Romance Scenes
As I will only be reviewing romance novels I have a separate rating for the most important part of the book: THE ROMANCE!  I will rate the romance using a heat scale to show just how hot the romance of a story truly is.  
  • 5 Flames: represents the best romances in my opinion.  These novels contains frequent and detailed love scene.  Often full of passion and lots of lovin'. 
  • 4 Flames:  These novels will have love scenes that are either not as frequent or not as detailed, or perhaps just plain not good enough to earn that extra flame. 
  • 3 flames:  These novels are the one that might only have a love scene or two, or where the love scenes are skimmed over in details. 
  • 2 flames: these novels have little to no love scenes in them.  These are one that might just allude to the love scenes, but never outright let us experience them for ourselves. 
  • 1 flame: these novels have little to no heat or passion expressed in the novels.  This is common for example in prequel or novellas that just have no time for the scenes that so many of us love in a romance novel.  There is often love but very little heat and fire between the H/H to express their love.
Part C: 
As a new part of the blog this year I will be including a "Themes" description for each of the stories I will review.  These can sometimes be just one theme or several.  These are just to give you a heads up that the story may or may not contain themes that you enjoy reading or find comfortable. I hope you will enjoy this new portion of my reviews and would love feedback about them.  

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