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Hi Everyone.  
This is the fifth year of my little blog and though I haven't got a lot of followers I am determined to keep going with my blog and reviews. 

I am 32 years old and currently living in Tallahassee, FL.  I'm an FSU graduate and have lived all over the world as my Step-dad was in the navy during my youth.  I have also traveled the US extensively with my Dad who is a truck driver.  I have five beautiful Chihuahuas that currently share my life. :)

But the most important thing you need to know is that I love reading.  Books are my real joy in life and Romance is my passion.  I began reading romance novels with my first Nora Roberts from the public library in 6th grade at the tender age of 11. Since that time I have branched out and learned so much from the world through Romance Novels.  

Many think that Romance is just fluff, but I have always felt that love makes the world go round, so reading about love and lust just makes sense!   I have become addicted to all different types of Romance since coming to college and finally having the money to invade the bookstores and start my own collection. 

On my shelves you can find just about anything.   From the gentlest contemporary romance, some as old as me, to the naughtiest and sexiest Erotica and everything in between.  I have a special place in my heart for paranormal romance, as I am a Wiccan.  

I hope this explains to you why I have endeavored to begin this blog in a hope of sharing my love of books with the world.  I will be posting regular reviews as well as just ratings and even lists of books I think you should try.  

If you are a beginning romance reader please feel free to send me a message and I am more than willing to point you down the rose sprinkled path into the world of Romance Novels. 

As you follow my reviews you can use the rubric on my Rubrics page to see just what my ratings mean to me.  I rate on the basic novel using a star level and on the level of sexiness involved using my "Heat Rating".  I hope you enjoy my beginning blog and I look forward to any feedback you might have. 

The Romance Witch

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