Saturday, November 26, 2016

Review: A Very Jaguar Christmas (Heart of the Jaguar #5)

A Very Jaguar Christmas (Heart of the Jaguar #5)

by Terry Spear

 There are all kinds of surprises under the mistletoe!
As a protector of all jaguar-kind, Guardian agent Demetria MacFarlane isn’t surprised to get a call near Christmas—but when she’s sent to protect a cub whose species she didn’t even know existed, her holiday season gets complicated. And it doesn’t help that her partner is a distraction of the hottest kind.
Hotshot JAG agent Everett Anderson can handle dangerous poachers and wildlife traffickers, no problem…but kids? Everett fears he’ll be stuck cub-sitting under the Christmas tree, but working with one sexy Guardian she-cat may be the best present he’s ever gotten.
Themes:  Jag-shifters, paranormal
Rating: 4.5 stars
Heat Rating:  
 I never thought I would see the day, but Terry Spear has managed to fully surprise me and brought together her two awesome series with a bang.  While I am a loyal fan of both her series, Heart of the Wolf and Heart of the Jaguar, I never thought she would actually bring the two series together, but I seriously enjoyed seeing the way it worked out.  This story revolves around the sexy as hell Jag-shifter Everett and the sweet and loving Guardian she-cat that has grabbed his heart and attention. Everett has been trying unsuccessfully to get Demetria to give him a chance as a male to make her own, but when they are paired together on a case he gets his chance.  Demetria doesn’t really think that Everett is the male for her, but when he comes after her, full-court-press, she finds it harder and harder to resist the sweet, sexy, and obviously loving male that he turns out to be.  Then the impossible happens and a wolf-shifter toddler—which to this point they believed to be pure fiction—brings these two jaguar-shifters together on a mission to get him back where he belongs with his family. Everett knows that he needs to convince Demetria how deep his feelings for her go, and when he has the chance, boy does he succeed.  I enjoyed getting to know him and seeing how he shows his love for the she-cat, even though I wondered at times if he would succeed.  Demetria is just a little bit stubborn, which being sometimes mule-headed myself I can fully appreciate.  However, she is the type of woman that fiercely protects those she loves as well as those around her that cannot protest themselves, which makes her the perfect woman for a male like Everett who longs for a family to complete his life. They are extremely compatible in all ways, including in the bedroom (*blushes*) and when they accept that fact and give in to their love Demetria and Everett find that a true and deep love can overcome any differences or obstacles.  I enjoyed seeing these two worlds cross and hope to see more of that in future books in either of the series.  I cannot wait to see more sexy cats and alpha wolves lose themselves to love and mating, and maybe we’ll even see a cross mating or two livening up these worlds (*hint, hint*).  The magic of the worlds Terry Spear has created only becomes more and more amazing and more and more complicated as the series progress and I cannot begin to imagine where her writing will take us next, but I can guarantee that I will be along for the ride as she takes us along with her.

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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