Monday, November 7, 2016

Mini-Review: Big Package

Big Package

by Opal Carew 

 Baby it’s cold outside…but things are about to heat up.
I missed the last bus to my sister’s for Christmas, and now I'm stranded in a bus station—in the middle of a blizzard—with a giant package covered in naughty wrapping paper.
Then he shows up: Kalen Welles, the football star from my high school fantasies—and offers me a ride.
Just when the car is getting cozy, the roads get shut down due to snow.
Luckily there’s a nearby cabin where we can hole up for the night.
A warm fireplace, cozy blankets, pent-up longing we both spent years ignoring… maybe I’ll be able to unwrap Kalen's big package before Christmas morning.
But when the snow clears and the ice melts, will the former football star and the shy nerd finally get a happy ending?
Themes: holiday, erotica
Rating: 3.5 stars
Heat Rating: 
Ok let’s be honest,  every now and then a reader just needs a quick and naughty read to make a girl smile, whimper, and sigh. It doesn’t matter how farfetched the story is or how crazy the characters are, it’s just about the easy, light, and sexy words that make for a great short story. Big Package is a story that will make you smile, even as you groan at the silliness of the plot.  Holly has just dumped a total dickhead and is on her way to visit her sister and her husband for the holidays, but her ex has gotten the last laugh for sure. His final “gift” to her causes her to miss her bus and there’s no way that she can make it time for Christmas, until by freak coincidence she runs into her high school crush Kalen.  Kalen doesn’t realize who Holly is immediately, but once they are on the road Kalen finds himself insanely attracted to the woman she has become.  Of course a crazy sexy holiday story would not be complete without our lovers finding themselves trapped in a snowy cabin in the woods with nothing to do but enjoy the pleasure of one another’s bodies.  Holly was a sweet character and I can see how she might doubt the pull between Kalen and herself, but in the end she finds her confidence and trusts in their relationship.  Kalen is a big boy, in every sense of the word, and he has found himself unable to find his lasting love, but there is no denying that Holly seems perfect for him.  The heat and intensity between these lovers is enough to melt the snow of a Canadian winter and I found myself more than once reaching for a cold drink.  Even for all that this story was just a short sexy read, there were some very emotional and intense moments between the lovers as they went beyond simply having sex and found themselves in a truly loving relationship that I can see being intense for a long time to come. I enjoy all of Opal’s works, never doubting that the sensuality and sexiness will carry the story even though they can sometimes seem a bit unbelievable.  I look forward to future holiday reads along this line from Ms. Carew and know that I cannot resist a well written bit of erotica.

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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