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Review: Rival Forces (K-9 Rescue #4)

Rival Forces (K-9 Rescue #4)

by D.D. Ayres 


When it comes to training K-9 patrol dogs, Yardley Summers always trusts her instincts. But when it comes to dating men, she keeps her heart on a very short leash. Mostly, she’s too busy with her four-legged trainees at Harmonie Kennels to commit to a relationship. Only two men have managed to distract her: a handsome Doctors Without Borders physician who’s suddenly gone missing—and the red-hot dog trainer from her past who’s suddenly back in her life…
Now a K-9 rescue team leader, Kye McGarren has never forgotten the days he trained at Yardley’s camp—or the nights he spent in her arms. When he hears that Yardley is on a mission to find the missing doctor, Kye is determined to keep her out of danger. With his K-9 partner by his side, he joins Yardley on a death-defying mission—one that reignites their mutual passion. Will Kye be able to rescue his romantic rival…without losing the woman he loves?

Themes:  Contemporary, Military, K-9
Rating: 3.5 stars
Heat Rating: 
Kye is a serious man’s man and he will never allow a woman to tie him down, not since his first love was stolen from him and he buried himself in the world of K-9 search and rescue. Yardley is an independent woman and doesn’t need anything from the alpha men that she surrounds herself with through work, she's more interested in a quiet and staid man to live out her life with.  But when these two immovable forces collide the explosion is one heard the world over.  Kye is simply doing an old friend a favor, returning to Yardley’s life to keep her out of danger, but he’s not interested in rekindling the love they once shared.  Too bad when he sees her his entire being is attracted to her and the passion that still burns for her is not something he is able to ignore.  Yardley doesn’t want Kye in her life again; while she is willing to take his help when danger arrives on her doorstep there is no way she will allow herself to fall for him all over again.  But luckily, for them both, Love never really dies!  Kye was the kind of guy that can keep you drooling for his sexiness while making you so angry you want to slap him, but when he turns on the sweetness and shows the vulnerabilities he carries, no woman can resist making him her own.  Yardley is one of those women that I never quite understand, mainly because she thinks that the only way she can have independence is to be the more powerful one in a relationship, the dominant one.  Luckily, Kye is able to teach her that a woman can be powerful in her own right, but with the right mate, she is a partner, an equal, and can show her own vulnerabilities to him while keeping him safe when he is vulnerable.  Like a mated wolf pair, the female is only as strong as the male she protects and the male is stronger for having a strong female at his side. The heat between these two flares from the very second they are together again, rekindling the passion and love that laid dormant for over a decade, and slowly burns away all the years of pain and the trauma of the loss of their relationship.  I loved the way this story ended and cannot wait to see where this series goes now that so much has changed.  I find myself enjoying this series more and more, surprisingly since I had never even heard of Ms. Ayres before I came across the first in this series as a review opportunity.  I look forward to more coming soon and will be adding this author to my list of writers to watch out for.  And of course I cannot say enough about the sweet sidekicks of these stories, the K-9s that round out the cast of characters beautifully, and I especially enjoyed learning more about Lily, Kye’s SAR K-9 and Oleg, Yardley’s fierce wolfdog protector.  Anyone that loves dogs and enjoys a good suspenseful romance will find what they are looking for in Ms. Ayres’s K-9 Rescue series.
*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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