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Review: The Highlander's Vow (Loch Moigh #4)

The Highlander's Vow (Loch Moigh #4)

by Barbara Longley

On the eve of her wedding, Sky Elizabeth, the earl of Fife’s eldest daughter, learns of her betrothed’s murderous plot against her. As she flees, Sky falls through a mysterious portal in time, landing at the feet of a twenty-first-century American knight.
Struan, the bastard son of the earl of Sutherland, escaped death through time’s portal once. Recognizing what has befallen the frightened woman, he vows to protect her even while Sky, with a trace of fae blood in her veins, senses his resentment.
Despite their growing attraction, she’s determined to find a way home to avert a clan war. Though he cannot deny his desire, he fears that helping her return to the past will surely lead to his demise. As the two work together, passion ignites and an unbreakable bond forms—but will it be enough to sustain them through the perils they’ll face in the past? Can their love have a future?
Themes:  historical, time travel, paranormal
Rating: 4.25 stars
Heat Rating: 
 The series that I never thought I would enjoy continues with the story of the daughter of the lovers from the very first book in the series.  For long time readers this story will be interesting just in that you get to see all the happy couples from the previous stories many years later and the lives they have led.  We also get to enjoy a lot of time reading where the characters are in the present time, which is what makes these time travel romances fun.  I can honestly say that I have found very few time travel series to be interesting, but Ms. Longley manages to make this series better and better with every story.  I am looking forward to seeing where she takes us next for sure. Sky is all grown up and tired of having to be the dutiful daughter, but when her father tries to marry her off to one of their neighbors, she is determined to put a stop to the wedding.  But when the plot thickens :) and she is forced to flee to save her life she never imagined she would fall through time and land at the feet of the sexiest and sweetest knight in either her time period or any other.  Struan was long ago pulled from his own time and plopped into the 21st century, but he has made a home for himself and loves his adopted family, giving him no reason to miss his own time.  He just never imagined himself in love with a sexy highland lass when she falls through time herself.  His sexy determination to get Sky to stay with him in his time, but willingness to give her what will make her happy—returning home to save her family—makes him even more of a knight in my eyes.  I loved getting to know the adult Sky and seeing how her passion, sweetness, and sense of family honor were able to find a balance with her love for the man she cannot live without.  I cried a lot as Sky and Struan feel deeper and deeper in love, but were pulled farther and farther apart by their duties and desires.  I enjoy this series immensely and cannot wait to find out who gets a story next.  If you like historical and contemporary romance, with fun paranormal twists and sensuality and passion between the H/h then I bet you’ll enjoy this series as much as I do.  Keep the hits coming Barbara.

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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