Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mini-review: Pia Does Hollywood (Elder Races #8.6)

Pia Does Hollywood (Elder Races #8.6)

by Thea Harrison 

After making a diplomatic pact with humankind and the other leaders of the Elder Races, Pia Cuelebre, mate to Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyr, reluctantly heads to Hollywood to spend a week with the Light Fae Queen, Tatiana, before the busy Masque season hits New York in December.
Dragos has never let the lack of an invitation stop him from doing anything he wanted. Unwilling to let his mate make the trip without him, he travels to southern California in secret to be with her.
But when an ancient enemy launches a shattering assault against the Light Fae, Dragos and Pia must intercede. The destruction threatens to spread and strike a mortal blow against all of the magically gifted, both human and Elder Race alike.
Working with the Light Fae to neutralize the danger, Dragos and Pia find their deepest vulnerabilities challenged and their most closely held secrets threatened with exposure.
Themes: dragons, shifter, magick, paranormal
Rating: 3.25 stars
Heat Rating:
 The second story in this trilogy of shorts is one that will have you groaning or thrilled depending on your stance on certain creatures that have become popular in recent years in the media.  Being not a fan, this story was one that had me groaning a lot, but overall I enjoyed it just the same. With reluctance, Pia Cuelebre is headed to Hollywood to visit with the head of the Light Fae in a diplomatic exchange, but no way in hell is Dragos letting his mate—his pregnant mate—out of his site for that long, so together, but apart, they travel to California.  When they arrive, things immediately begin to go awry and only their strength and love for one another will keep Dragos from becoming a monster and possibly decimating the entire world.  I loved seeing Pia stand by her man, even while others threatened to tear them apart.  She showed once again that as unconventional as their mating was they are definitely made for one another.  Dragos just wants to keep his mate safe and traveling with her seems the best way, but he never imagined he’d find himself in the middle of a takeover by zombie-like light Fae and the sorcerer converting them.  Watching him fighting for his life and sanity, while still protecting his wife and unborn child shows us just how deep his love and protectiveness goes, but the truly great thing is the way Pia’s optimism and determination to help others has slowly rubbed off on him.  This story was a great continuation though very short and I am looking forward to book three in the short series as well as the next full length novel. Another hit Thea.

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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