Thursday, July 9, 2015

ARC Mini-Review: Hot SEAL

Hot SEAL (Hostile Operations Team #9)

by Lynn Raye Harris 


 Sex with the ex… It shouldn’t be this good the second time around.

Navy SEAL Dane “Viking” Erikson has sworn off women—or at least he’s sworn off one woman: DEA Agent Ivy McGill. His ex-wife.

But when they’re forced to work together on a critical military mission, Dane can’t help but notice how the one woman he shouldn’t want is the only one he can’t stop thinking about.

Ivy knows what it’s like to fall for a SEAL’s hard muscles and killer smile—and she knows what it’s like when everything falls apart. So why is she naked against a wall and begging Dane for more?

Originally included in the SEALs of Summer 2: A Military Romance Superbundle box set, Hot SEAL will be available as a standalone novella by autumn 2015.

Themes:  Military, contemporary
Rating:  4.25 stars
Heat Rating:  
I was thrilled to be given the chance to review the short novella that Harris had released, introducing an all new group of sexy special operators to the HOT team and bringing two lost lovers back together.  Now my understanding about the order of this story is that it actually falls after the next full length novel to be released, HOT and Bothered, but it stands so much alone that I doubt even readers of the HOT series will notice.  Harris introduces a second team, this time SEALs, to the HOT teams, beginning with the introduction of their leader, Dane and his story of love and redemption.  I had my doubts about this love story, because it takes a special hand to bring two former lovers, especially divorced couples, back to love and HEA, but Harris does it beautifully.  While on the trail of drug runners and terrorists Dane and Ivy manage to come to terms with the mistakes they made in their pasts, the truth of their feelings, and the fears for their future.  I am looking forward to HOT and Bothered,  and even more to meeting the rest of Dane's team and seeing them too find their matches. 

Dane and Ivy's story is one that begins with both lovers carrying immense chips on their shoulders, each unwilling to let the past lie and each of them blaming the other for their breakup. Dane is the definitive badass, SEAL leader, and all around sexy ass dude, but when he is facing his feelings for Ivy he is just as terrified as any other man.  Ivy has some serious trust issues and I felt like she always had one foot out the door, believing that Dane was going to walk out so doing so herself first was the preferable option.  while both of them had issues with their families that greatly colored their previous relationship, it becomes obvious that they have grown and matured and might finally be ready to have a relationship if they can face their feelings and find a way to compromise with one another's jobs and dreams.  Even when they are fighting and smarting off to one another, the passion and heat between Dane and Icy is undeniable and when they are caught in its web the sexual tension snaps between them with fireworks big enough for an entire nation to celebrate.  Cannot wait for what comes next and the future novels that I hope to get to enjoy.  Another hit, Harris, and definitely the beginning of an all new group of sexy guys for us to enjoy.

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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