Friday, January 30, 2015

ARC Mini-Review: Burn For You

Burn For You (Outback Skies #2)

by Lexxie Couper


Harsh, rugged and unforgiving, the Australian Outback is the perfect place for Evan Alexander to hide. Up in the air, fighting fires from the cockpit of his helicopter, no one sees the scars that run clear down to his soul.
When a massive fire breaks out in a nearby national park, Wallaby Ridge becomes a media staging ground, and Evan’s daring piloting skills the center of attention. Evan finds it easy to dodge every reporter—except one. A woman from his past.
Jenna McGrath can’t believe the quiet, withdrawn man declared a hero is the same arrogant, cocky pilot she fell in love with six years ago. A cruel betrayal caused Jenna to remove herself from his world, but she’s never been able to erase him from her memories.
Their long-suppressed attraction reignites, but the walls Evan has built around himself are high. And while Jenna easily overlooks the scars on his body, she begins to wonder if molten desire is enough to melt the emotional scars binding his heart.
Themes: erotica, contemporary
Rating: 3.75 stars
Heat Rating: 
I have always been drawn to this author’s writing, inexplicably, and even though I am always left wishing they were twice as long (at least), I have enjoyed every story of hers I have read and I especially loved her works with other authors, like Vivian Arend.  But I cannot express how much I wish these stories were longer! Some of her works are almost full novel length and having that much insane hotness is just the ticket on a rainy Sunday afternoon kicked back on the couch with your favorite companions (be they two legged or four).  And need I mention that these are set in AUSTRALIA, home of the hottest and most rugged men around? Nah I think you get the idea.  This story, the second in a series that revolves around some seriously reclusive men that have been hurt in the past and the women that capture their hearts, is one that had me in tears almost as much as it had me heating up from the passion.  The physical drama interwoven so beautifully with the emotional turmoil gives the story just that right amount of edge to drive the passion up even higher.
Evan and Jenna have a past, one that is a bit dark and the betrayals and traumas they’ve experienced have each led them to very different places, but ultimately still back into each other’s lives.  When Jenna and Evan are thrust together by his heroic fire fighting there is no way that Jenna can resist the sensual man that has always haunted her dreams and memories?  Seeing them come together is explosive, but when Jenna is forced to deal with the physical and emotional scars that Evan carries from his past, she is determined to make him see that she can handle anything as long as he is with her.  The doubts, that have driven him so far out of the limelight that not even a shadow comes off him, have made Evan into a man unsure of himself and even more unsure of the one woman that has haunted him for years, through marriage, divorce, near-death, and the excruciating comeback from the edge.  Thankfully, Jenna is stubborn and Evan has some good friends who can talk sense into him so he doesn’t lose the best thing to ever happen to him.  I must say for being so short there was a LOT of drama and sensuality packed into so few pages, which is a true trademark of this author.  I cannot wait for the rest of the guys’ group to find their match and their HEA.  The series is shaping up to be truly great and I am already salivating for the rest of the books, including –fingers crossed—Ryan’s story! (Please don’t forget him Lexxie!!) Another erotic masterpiece with all the heart and steam that you could ever wish for from a story set in the Australian outback. 

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 


  1. Here you go, Michelle ;)

    “You ready to be a taxi service for a week, mate?”
    Ryan Taylor looked up from his contemplation of his beer just in time to see Wallaby Ridge’s senior constable drop into the seat opposite him.
    Shoving aside the not-so-cheery thoughts that had been plaguing him for the day, he gave Charlie Baynard a wild grin. “Hell yeah. Who wouldn’t want to fly a pollie from the big smoke around for five days?”
    Charlie waved a hand at Lacky, letting the owner of the Outback Skies pub know he wanted his usual without actually saying a word. Instead, he laughed at Ryan. “That pollie is the federal minister of the arts and culture, Mr. Taylor. And as one of our duly elected representatives, deserves your respect.”
    Ryan chuckled. “Well, given that that duly elected representative is paying me three times what I’d normally make during a week-long mustering job, and I’m likely only going to be in the chopper three out of the five days, I’m going to give him all the respect I can.”
    Charlie let out his own chuckle. “And by respect, I assume you mean…?”
    With a grin, Ryan raised his eyes to the slightly beaten dark brown Akubra on his head. “Bring out my best hat, of course.”
    Taking his beer from Lacky, Charlie shook his head. “I’d give anything to be a fly on the wall inside that chopper of yours this week.”
    “You think the city boy’s going to have a cultural awakening?”
    “If you call a gay heli-musterer cowboy who looks like Hugh Jackman flying him around the Outback for a week a cultural awakening, yep.”
    Ryan adjusted the hat on his head and winked. “Hey, I’m just your typical Aussie bloke.”
    Charlie raised his beer, his lips twitching with a smirk. “To typical Aussie blokes.”
    Raising his own beer, Ryan tapped the edge of his sweating glass to Charlie’s. “To typical Aussie blokes.”

    The rest of the book (another novella. Sorry about that *grins sheepishly*) will release July this year :)

    1. wow thanks so much for even reading my comments, much less commenting and sharing such a great sneak peek. i cannot wait for more and i love your writing, so i know i will love whatever comes next.