Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mini-Review: Hot Blooded Part 3

Hot Blooded: Part 3 (Dark Kings #4)

by Donna Grant


For centuries they have fought to preserve their special brand of shape-shifting dragon magic. But one Dark King is about to come face to face with a woman whose power is a force to be reckoned with. Her name is Iona. She’s gorgeous, sly, and smarter than she herself might even realize. She’s come to Scotland to discover the dark truth about her heritage. What she never expected was to meet Laith, the owner of a pub near Dreagan—a man with the heart, soul, and spirit of a dragon. Will he destroy her? Or will she be the one to tame his rousing desires?
Themes: Dragons, Magick, Fae, Paranormal
Rating: 4 stars
Heat Rating: 

The third part of this serial begins with the team learning a terrible truth about one of their own, one that will change their lives and his forever. While the Kings are working to overcome this catastrophe, Iona finds herself stumbling into a tenuous friendship with the women of Dreagan, as the mates come together in the age old way of women—shopping.  As the story progress Laith and Iona fall deeper into one another, though Iona maintains that it isn’t love and Laith is finding himself more and more convinced she is his mate. Danger becomes more and more real as well when Laith brings in the Warriors to keep an eye on Iona and discovers that their enemy is much closer than they all thought.  Hayden arriving also brings a startling truth for Iona and her beliefs in family.  It was great to see the Warriors and I am looking forward to them playing a bigger role in part 4 as well.  Overall this part was all about the discovery of Iona and Laith’s love and the passion that will keep them together, with just enough action and danger thrown in to keep the story moving along.  
I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the story because it focused more on my favorite part of any of the novels I read—the romance between the H/H.  When Laith finally gives into his desire for Iona and they come together the sparks on the page were enough to make me want an ice bath.  The setting was romantic and perfect for these two, and the fun and sweetness that accompanied their lovemaking was just right for Laith’s personality. Iona also entered some new territory as she made friends with the women of Dreagan and found herself being pulled into the extended family.  When she finally discovers the truth about the beings that surround her, the way she handles everything is somewhat hilarious while being totally believable as well: there’s moments of WTF, startled realization and ultimately an intense curiosity that makes her the perfect match for Laith.  I am finding that I like this story even more than previous novels and that Iona is just the type of cynical skeptic needed in these guys ranks to make them think outside the box as they discover the identities of their enemies. 
Aside from the main plot, it seems like we might get to find out more about Rhi and her former Dragon King Lover.  She finds more and more surprises in her life and suspects it might be him, though we still aren’t getting a name…grrr.  While Rhi definitely has all the reason in the world to be evil, she seems to be riding the fence on the side of light and can hopefully find her way back to the Light and be the woman she was once, with all the happiness she deserves.   I’m dying to know where Grant takes us with the ending in Part 4 and finding out if Iona can finally accept that she loves Laith and can be his mate and find her happiness with him and his family. 
*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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