Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mini-Review: Hot Blooded Part 2

Hot Blooded: Part 2 (Dark Kings #4)

by Donna Grant


The Dark Kings are a race of powerful men who can shape-shift into dragons in a moment of fury—or passion. Laith is no exception. To most, he’s known as the owner of a local pub near Dreagan. But little do his patrons know that beneath his red-hot exterior lies the heart, soul, and cravings of a Dragon King—one who wields control by keeping his friends close and his enemies, just across the border, closer. Until a mysterious and seductive woman named Iona enters the picture, and sets his whole world off course. Will Laith dare to explore his deepest passions? Sworn to protect. Driven to desire. Is Iona worth the risk? He can’t wait to find out…
Themes: Dragons, Magick, Fae, Paranormal
Rating: 3.75 stars
Heat Rating:
Part 2 picks up right away with Laith attempting to keep Iona safe in the Dragonwood as enemies surround them. Passion escalates in part two of this four part foray into the lives of a dragon shifter and the commitment phobic woman who has captured his interest and will ultimately make or break his heart and chances at winning the coming battle.  The story progresses quickly in this second part, with Rhi and Ulrick seemingly joining forces, Laith's desire for Iona exploding when he saves her life, and other dragon kings undergoing some terrifying changes.  A good bit of this section revolves around Iona beginning to discover secrets that have been held by her family for generations and Laith finding a way for these secrets to come to light without ruining his chances of an affair with Iona.  I enjoyed this second part even more that the first and am looking forward to what comes next. 
After saving Iona's life, Laith returns her to her home, but once they are alone in the house, the desire between them makes itself abundantly clear when he comes across her half naked and throws caution of the wind to seduce her.  Iona gives in to her desires and I love her all the more for it.  She seems willing to trust for the first time, even when a secret of Laith's comes to light  Trusting is not her strong suit but it seems impossible not to trust Laith for some reason.  Laith on the other hand pissed me off in this section, bungling his first impression and keeping secrets that are unnecessary.  I am hoping that the next part will allow them both a relationship and make it easier for them to work together against the forces out of endanger the lives of everyone at Dreagan.  All in all a great bridge section between introductory phases and what I’m hoping will be a part 3 with lots of action and romancing.                                       
*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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