Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mini-ARC Review: Rock Courtship

Rock Courtship (Rock Kiss #1.5)

by Nalini Singh 


What happens when the Gentleman of Rock decides to play dirty?
A drummer for the hottest rock band on the planet, David has a single, powerful weakness: Thea, the band's publicist and the woman who steals his breath away with her every move.
Only problem is, Thea doesn't date clients--or musicians. Emotionally scarred by a cheating ex, she's not about to risk her heart with a man who has groupies buzzing around him like flies. Even if his sexy smile ties her up in knots.
What she doesn't know is that David is a one-woman man...and he's madly in love with her. David's determined to prove he's worth the risk, and willing to court her, step by exquisite step. Thea's about to discover just how long and hard this handsome drummer can play.
Themes: contemporary, novella, rock stars
Rating: 4.5 stars
Heat Rating: 
Usually I’m not much of a fan of stories that overlap so much in the time scale of another book in the series, but in the case of Rock Courtship, it was great to find out the full story behind the little hints that we received of the evolving relationship between Thea and David from the first story, Rock Addiction.  Nalini Singh has provided us with a sensual novella, that I would classify as almost being full-length, but the greatness of it almost overshadows the first novel.  David and Thea’s story is one that will have you laughing your ass off a lot of the time, even while you can feel the heat bouncing off them, the sharp wit and sarcasm between Thea and David are what fuel their unusual bond. While it was a bit strange to see this different viewpoint of the same time period, book two is a wonderful follow-up and leaves you wanting for nothing. 
Thea is a kick-ass, strong woman, with an interesting past and a deep connection to family, but she never imagines she would fall for the man that has grabbed her heart.  David has wanted Thea from the beginning and had almost given up hope of ever having a chance to be with her, but thankfully her sister, Molly, gives him some helpful advice and encourages him to continue his pursuit.  While they get to know each other and explore the possibility of becoming lovers, it becomes obvious that both of them are feeling more than just lust for one another.  When they finally explore that passion and commit to having a future there is no denying that they are made for one another and as long as they remain open with each other and honest, nothing can tear them apart.  I loved watching them each fall from lust into deep love and finding a way for them to have future together. 
Being shorter than a full length novel, but longer than a true novella, I would say that Rock Courtship packed more into its shorter length than some authors are able to pack into a 1000 page story.  David has loved Thea for a long time and when he finally finds a way to bring her around to becoming his lover there is no way he will let anything prevent him from keeping her.  Thea has resisted David’s pull for so long she doesn’t really know how to give in to her full passion, but when she finally releases all her pent-up passion and makes David hers, she blows his mind.  Their courting rituals are a bit out there but perfect for them, blending their logical minds, passionate hearts, and craving souls all into one love story for the ages.  We learned a lot more about the other band members and I am really looking forward to finding out whose story will be next and just what type of woman each of them will be faced with.  Another great Singh series has begun and I hope it lasts just as long as the Psy-changeling series. 
*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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