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Review: Saved by Darkness (Darkness #6)

Saved by Darkness (Darkness #6)

by Katie Reus

 He thought he lost her decades ago.
Half-demon, half-dragon shifter Ian McCabe is hellbent on getting back the only woman he’s ever loved. When Fiona O’Riley kicked him out of her life decades ago, he thought she was gone for good. Now that she’s back, nothing will stop him from claiming her. But she wants nothing to do with him—or his family.
She’ll do anything to save him.
Fiona knows that Ian is the only male for her. The only way to keep him alive is to stay away from him. But when tragedy strikes and they discover a wicked agenda for the mass murder of humans, they must work together to take down the enemies that threaten everyone. But there’s so much more on the line. As their undeniable desire intensifies, they’re faced with an unbearable choice. If Fiona and Ian succumb to their temptation, mating could be the last thing they ever do.
Themes:  paranormal, dragon shifters, demons, and wolves oh My!
Rating: 4 stars
Heat Rating: 
 Another half-demon hottie has finally found and kept the woman that was made for him.  This series has progressed slowly through the paranormal leaders in the Biloxi, MS area in this amazing and imaginative series by Katie Reus. Ian McCabe is the long lost brother of Bo, the sexy club owner that found his mate in a foxy demigoddess, and while he is a hard-ass, he is also a seriously sensual male.  When the woman that ripped his heart out more than 50 years earlier is thrust back into his life, he is unable to resist going to see her for himself, but when he stumbles on her being attacked he is determined that she will be safe even if he cannot have her for himself.  Fiona hated breaking Ian’s heart so long ago, but knowing that he was out there somewhere alive and safe keeps her from truly regretting it. When she finds herself faced with the man that she never stopped loving, she is not quite so able o give him up again.  Thrown together to rescue a friend from a seriously dangerous Hell realm, Fiona and Ian must find a way to come to terms with the full truth of their past and move on if they are going to survive the dangers around them.  This story was a little bit different than some previous installments in the series in that most of the romance of this novel was actually set in their lives 50 years ago, with short flashbacks into their original romance, even as the danger in their current lives is escalating. Fiona was an amazing woman, giving up her chance at love and happiness with her mate in order to keep him safe from the psychos in her family.  I enjoyed seeing Fiona come to terms with her past and find a way to forgive herself for her role in breaking Ian’s heart and finding a way to change their future.  Her bravery and passion for keeping her loved ones safe and defeating the enemies that place them in danger, made her a female to truly be reckoned with. With Ian back in her life there is no real way to keep her heart behind the wall of ice she long ago constructed, giving into the love and passion that make them the perfect lovers.  Once Ian learns that what he believed about Fiona for the last 50 years is way off base, there is no way in any hell that he will let her escape again; determined to bring his mate back into his life--and his bed-- Ian will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and protect those she claims as her own in order to have the chance to give her his heart.  His passion is the driving factor for his every moment with Fiona, but his love for her is impossible to deny whenever they are together or he thinks about her.  I hurt so bad for Ian when his heart was breaking and was so happy to see them finally get their HEA.  This series continues to amaze me as each new and different couple finds love in the most unplanned of places and I cannot wait to see which couple will find love next in this group of friends and family.  Keep the magic coming Katie.
*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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