Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mini ARC Review: Barefoot Dreams (Barefoot Bay Undercover #4)

Barefoot Dreams (Barefoot Bay Undercover #4)

by Roxanne St. Claire

 A wedding day in Barefoot Bay is always joyous and exciting, but when the groom is none other than superspy bad boy Gabriel Rossi, the frenzy factor is high. Maybe that's the reason his beloved bride-to-be, Lila Wickham, wakes on her wedding day in a cold sweat from a bad, bloody dream.

As much as she wants to wipe away the memory and focus on the happiest day of her life, it soon becomes apparent that the dream heralds unhappiness—and tragedy. Terrified but determined, Lila knows she only has hours to take action against the daunting odds facing her son. But she's not alone anymore—she has Gabe at her back. And when it comes to defending the people he loves, there's no one fiercer than Gabe Rossi.

One single day, one embattled couple—one last shadow to dispel before they become the family they were always meant to be.
Themes: Contemporary, Novella/Epilogue 
Rating: 3.75 stars
Heat Rating: 

Gabe is BACK! 
Okay, so for those of you not familiar with Rocki’s work, that might not mean much to you, but for those of us that have been fans for years and have followed Gabe as he popped up randomly in different stories and series through familial connections, Gabe’s HEA is a very important matter.  Gabe and his Lila have had a REALLY tough time reaching their HEA, along with their son Rafe, and when I heard we were going to be getting a chance to see their wedding as its very own novella my joy knew no bounds.  The story is a short one, but we get too see all of Gabe’s family, couples that came together in previous reads as well as learning tidbits about their lives now.  And of course the infamous and fabulous Uncle Nino is back on the scene cooking his Italian favorites and keeping his large family in line.  The story had lots of action as Lila and Gabe rush through disaster after disaster, trying to keep their son safe, on the way to the alter and ultimately finding a way, together, to make sure that nothing mars their happy day.  Gabe is always the sexy, dirty mouthed bad boy that we all have fallen in love with, but we also get to see another, sweeter side of him as he deals with his 5-year old son Rafe and the shenanigans that only Gabe Jr could find himself caught in.  Lila is sweet, funny, and a little bit scattered as she races to make it to her big happy ending, but thankfully they are able to get everyone safely through the day and find a way to get to the altar. I loved seeing this little glimpse of this new family, as well as all the other characters that have been my friends the last few years, not just from Barefoot Bay, but also from Gabe’s large family.  I am hoping that we will see more of his family now that he has settled into wedded bliss on Barefoot.  I understand that the next few stories in the Barefoot World will be coming soon and like the last small trilogy, will focus on the second chances that sometimes come along for the silver foxes in the world.  As always I thank Rocki for her hard work and imagination in writing Gabe and Lila’s happy ending and of course for the chance to read it ahead of the publication.  Keep the magic alive Roxanne!

*eARC provided by author for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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