Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review: Viking Warrior Rebel (Viking Warriors #2)

Viking Warrior Rebel (Viking Warriors #2)

by Asa Maria Bradley

 She can't let him discover...
Immortal Vikings are among us
Astrid Irisdotter is a Valkyrie-a fierce warrior fighting to protect humanity from the evil god Loki and his brutal minions. She's on an urgent mission for her queen when everything goes hideously sideways. Undercover agent Luke Holden arrives on the scene just in time to save her life-and put his own on the line.
Luke may have saved her, but that doesn't mean Astrid can trust him. Tempers flare as they hide secret upon secret from each other, but Astrid's inner warrior knows what it wants...and it will not take "no" for an answer.
Themes: paranormal, Norse mythology
Rating: 3.75 stars
Heat Rating: 
Ok so let’s be honest, there just aren’t that many series out there that are about Viking warriors in modern America kicking ass against killer minions of the god Loki, but then again there just aren’t that many readers out there that have the interest in all things pagan and historical.  Thankfully there is at least one author out there that is willing to give me a little something special to read.  This is only the second story in the series of course, but I can honestly say it has been very interesting and I cannot wait to read more of these stories.  Ms. Bradley’s series is a wonderful addition to any readers’ shelf and I cannot wait to see where she takes us next. Astrid is a Valkyrie, an ancient warrior class of women, embraced by the queen of the Norse gods, Freya, and she is tired of kicking her own ass for her screw-up. Her last missions didn’t go quite as planned, but she is determined to save her new Queen’s brother to make up for the mistakes.  Luke has been drawn to Astrid from the very beginning, but now that she has become the center of his investigation he knows that he has to resist her allure.  Luke has been after the people that imprisoned and experiments on him and his brother when they were kids, and now he is close to the truth, but that truth could tear apart the beginning of their new relationship.   Astrid is the type of woman that all of us should aspire to be; beautiful, brave, sexy, and strong, and I enjoyed getting to know her and seeing the vulnerability that she hides so well. Luke was a bit of an ass through the majority of this book, hiding his true intentions even as he pulls Astrid deeper and deeper into the danger surrounding them. Thankfully once they both admit to their true natures and intentions, they are able to finally admit the feelings that have bound them together. I enjoyed the action and of course the myths that are some of my personal favorites in this world. The passion between Astrid and Luke is a conflagration every moment they are together and the reader is pulled into the heat right along with the lovers.  I cannot wait to see what story comes next and what deadly Norsewarrior—or warrioress—loses their heart to their one true mate.  Ms. Bradley has certainly captured my attention and I know that this series will be giving readers pleasure long into the future.  

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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