Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review: Slow Burn (Colorado High Country #2)

Slow Burn (Colorado High Country #2)

by Pamela Clare

Victoria Woodley is done with men. Fresh off a dating nightmare, she flies from her home in Chicago to Scarlet Springs to take part in her best friend’s wedding. Who picks her up at the airport? Eric Hawke. Of course. She made a fool of herself over him last time she was here. He’s cocky, charming, and sexy as sin. But the fact that she’s attracted to him is all the proof she needs that he’s bad news. She would ignore him if she could. But he’s the best man, and she’s the maid of honor. She can’t just tell him to jump in a lake—especially not when her lips are locked with his.
Eric isn’t looking for a relationship. Between running the firehouse and volunteering for the county’s search and rescue team, he has enough on his plate. He doesn’t need to get tangled up with a woman from the big city, especially one whose idea of roughing it is going without designer coffee. Yet from the moment he looks into Victoria’s big brown eyes, the attraction he feels is too strong to deny. Faster than he can imagine, the spark of desire that has smoldered between them since the first day they met will flare into full-blown passion.
But can Eric convince Victoria to set aside her doubts and trust him with her heart before their time together runs out?

Themes:  Contemporary, firefighters
Rating: 4.5 stars
Heat Rating:
 As always when Ms. Clare begins a story there is the expectation that the story will end happily ever after and we will enjoy drama, sweetness, and sensuality as her characters take their journey to that HEA.  There is no denying that some of us were wary when she began her new series about a small town in Colorado, where the men are alpha, dangerous and sexy while the women are smart, sassy and sensually amazing.  Eric’s story has been tugging on our hearts and imaginations since the first book in the series and I was thrilled not to have to wait very long for it.  Eric is the kind of hero that sneaks up on us; he seems like such a brave and cocky guy that there’s no way he can be deep enough to cause a woman to fall madly in love with anything but his sexy body.  But getting to know Eric I have decided that while he is definitely arrogant he is also sweet, loving, and brave—and in no way could you call him shallow or selfish.  Victoria was the kind of woman that we all need to have in our lives to be our conscience and our guiding light when we aren’t sure about ourselves.  She is a true friend and is willing to go toe to toe with any man in order to get what she wants out of life.  Seeing these two find a way to overcome their differences and find a place in each other’s lives reminds us all that the way we are living our lives, though possibly fulfilling, is not always the best way to live.  Eric and Victoria came together in an intense and scarily fast relationship that quickly developed past the sexy fling they both thought they would get.  The passion between them was off the charts from the very beginning and as that heat mellowed into a deep love, the warmth they continued to share let the readers enjoy their love even more.  Ms. Clare is definitely one of the best romance authors around, IMO, and I can guarantee, even if you have never read any of her other work, giving her Colorado High Country series a chance will be a decision you won’t come to regret.  I cannot wait to see where the story goes next and what wonderful characters we’ll meet next.

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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