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Review: Deep Dark (Tracers #10)

Deep Dark (Tracers #10)

by Laura Griffin

The moment detective Reed Novak steps onto the crime scene, he knows the case is going to rock his world. A beautiful young woman murdered at home. No sign of forced entry. No motive. She’s obviously not the killer’s first victim, and Reed’s instincts tell him she won’t be his last. Reed’s first clue comes via a mysterious text that links to a dating profile, but even more intriguing than the clue is the person who sent it.
As a white-hat hacker in the Delphi Center’s cyber investigation unit, Laney Knox sneaks into some of the deepest, darkest corners of the Internet looking for predators. Laney would prefer to stay away from Austin PD’s most recent murder case, but she can’t ignore the chilling similarities between that crime and her own brutal attack years ago. Laney offers to help the sexy lead detective, but he wants more from her than just a promising tip—Reed wants her trust. Laney resists, but as their relationship deepens she’s tempted to reveal the closely guarded secrets that could make her a key witness…or the killer’s next victim.

Themes: suspense, contemporary  
Rating: 4.25 stars
Heat Rating:  

Author Laura Griffin strikes again with the suspenseful story of a woman confronting her past and preventing it from repeating and the man that is determined to help her heal and keep her safe from the killer that has been stalking her for years.  Fans of the Tracers series will recognize many of the characters in this series, but the crime and the crime-solving techniques that are the focus of this story are interesting (especially for us Science nerds) and a new aspect for Griffin to follow.  Delaney Knox, Laney to her friends, is a white-hat hacker, those elusive and secretive computer aficionados that work in the background of the internet and technology to defeat their darker counterparts, and when her friend is brutally murdered, there is no way she can stop from following the investigation and helping in any way she can.  Discovering a hidden technological side to the story, Laney anonymously reached out to the lead Detective on the case, Reed Novak, hoping to help find the killer, but when he tracks her down, turning the tables on her, she is stunned to feel the passion that flares between them.  Reed is a mature man, way too old to be feeling the heat that Laney causes in him, but there is no denying that she pulls him like true north.  When the killer strikes again, Laney finds herself the center of attention and Reed is not happy about it, but she knows she is the only one with the skills to stop this pyscho and won’t back down, even if in the end it puts her in mortal danger.  Laney is obviously a true crusader, determined to keep others safe and bring justice to those that cannot find it for themselves, but she has serious issues and her vulnerability pulls at Reed as much as her strength and stubbornness. I love getting to know Laney and seeing her butting heads with Reed, and of course the heat that flares when their passionate natures clash, but I was glad that she finally found her balance and a way to let Reed truly into her heart.  Reed was the kind of guy that I hope to find for myself one day—stalwart, brave, determined, and of course willing to sacrifice himself for the woman he loves.  Seeing him defeat the bad guy at the same time his overwhelming sweetness allows Laney to come out her shell reminds me that the perfect man is out there if you just keep your eyes and heart open for him.  I love this series more and more and am dying to know whose story will come next, as always there were some hints with the side characters and I hope they are the next ones, but one never knows with Ms. Griffin.  As always I enjoyed every second of this tale and wish it could have been even longer as I got to know Reed and Laney and watched them fall first into lust and then ultimately into a deep and abiding love.

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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