Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Always for You: Jack (Sergeant Joe's Boys #1)

Always for You: Jack (Sergeant Joe's Boys #1)

by Alexis Morgan 

No one understands family loyalty like Jack McShane. He’d do anything to honor his foster father’s last wishes, even if it means putting his own plans on hold to manage Joe’s construction business. An ex–Special Forces operative, Jack thrives on the thrill of globe-hopping rescues. But now he’s needed closer to home. His foster mother has her hands full with a troubled teen, and when Jack meets the hired tutor, he discovers a woman who stirs his protective instincts—and his deepest desires.
Caitlyn Curtis knows that good looks can hide a hot temper. After an abusive marriage crushed her dreams of a happy ending, she swore off men—until one intoxicating dance in Jack’s strong arms breaks down every emotional barrier. Tough but tender, he leaves Caitlyn yearning for more of his gentle seduction. Despite the violence he’s seen, Jack is a good man. And even though passion can be dangerous, the promise of Jack’s kiss tempts her to believe that love is a risk worth taking.
Themes: contemporary
Rating: 4 stars
Heat Rating: 
 I have always been interested to read when an author I am comfortable with branches out into an all new experiment.  Alexis Morgan is a favorite paranormal romance author of mine, but more and more her contemporary romances have been capturing my attention and my heart.  I was surprised when I read this story, mainly because it reminded me a lot of a series I’ve read by a best-selling author, but Morgan places her own twist on everything and makes the story unique.  Joe and his wife Marlene rescued three young boys that were trapped in the CPS system and turned them into wonderful and brave men that have served our country in the most dangerous way, but now that Joe is gone Jack is taking his place as the head of the family.  Jack returns home to help his mother and find his own future now that he has been injured, but he didn’t realize that a young boy would be coming into his life to change it forever—or that his arrival would also herald the arrival of the woman he is made to love.  Jack is determined to give Ricky a chance to know that there is such a thing as caring and goodness in the world and one way he can do that is to help him get back on track in his education.  Enter Caitlyn Curtis, tutor extraordinaire, who comes along to help Ricky.  The moment she and Jack are in one another’s company sparks fly and you can see the connection forming between them quickly, but Caitlyn’s past has made her wary of men—especially gorgeous alpha men.   I loved seeing Jack prove to Caitlyn that he was the man for her and seeing him working through his own issues as Ricky’s life entwines more with Jack and Caitlyn’s.  Jack is the type of hero I love to read about, simply a man that deals with things that are thrown at him the best way he can.  Caitlyn was an interesting characters as well, obviously not used to attraction anymore, having shut down that part of her life, she is surprised when Jack affects her so strongly, but if you look closely it easy to find the sensual sweet woman buried under layer of fear and history.  I liked Caitlyn a lot, even when I almost gave up on her, but luckily it all turns out well in the end.  I can see another generation of rescues coming with Jack and Caitlyn and am sure that Sgt. Joe would be thrilled that his family expanded, even if he wasn’t alive to share in the joy.  I cannot wait for Tino’s story next and wonder what type of woman will be his perfect match. This will be a very fun trilogy. 

*ebook provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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