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ARC Review: Hot SEAL Lover (HOT SEAL Team #2)

Hot SEAL Lover (HOT SEAL Team #2)

by Lynn Raye Harris 


One night in the sheets is all she wants…
Christina Girard is a lady. But she’s a lady whose world is about to implode. She’s done everything right, but she can’t escape the taint of scandal when her husband cheats on her with another man. She’s broken, her spirit battered, her confidence at an all-time low.
Then she meets Navy SEAL Remy Marchand, and parts of her she’d thought dead flare to life. Except Remy is part of the Hostile Operations Team, the Black Ops group her brother works for, and that means NO in flashing neon letters. Yet Christina’s tired of always doing what’s expected. Just once, she wants to saddle up and ride a tattooed, dirty-mouthed bad boy before she kicks him to the curb and goes on with her life.
One night is not enough to put out the fire…
Remy Marchand burns with guilt and regret that he couldn’t save his twin sister from her abuser. He lives his life slaying dragons for the innocent and vulnerable. He thought Christina needed his strength and protection too, but he was wrong. After a single night of pleasure, she disappears from his life.
But then his SEALs get tasked with a mission: infiltrate war-torn Qu’rim and get Christina out before the enemy finds her. With bombs exploding, blood spilling, and survival not certain, Remy protects Christina from harm while vowing not to succumb again to her sweet temptation.
One night is only the beginning…
But life in a war zone is intense, and vows mean nothing in the face of danger. Giving in is inevitable. Staying alive is not—especially when the greatest menace still waits for the perfect moment to strike…
Themes:  Contemporary
Rating: 3.75 stars
Heat Rating: 
I was so very thrilled to discover that the HOT team would be expanding and continuing with the induction of fresh blood in the form of some serious Sexy SEALs and I have not been disappointed yet.  The HOT series is one that I was skeptical about in the beginning because I have read so many series that are so similar, but Ms. Harris has a unique take of a lot of the issues that military men face and I am always surprised to see the depth of her characters and her love stories in the midst of death and destruction.  This newest installment is one that brings together the two teams seamlessly in the best possible way—love between two people that are seemingly so different but in the end are perfect for each other. 
We have met Christina a few times, through her brother Matt who is the HOT alpha team leader that first fell in love in HOT Pursuit, but we are finally getting more of the details we wanted with her story.  She is the kind of woman that I think I could be friends with, despite her fears of moving on and being betrayed again, because honestly what woman wouldn’t feel this way after what she went through.  She is a true lady, sweet and compassionate, while still being willing to take charge if needed and keep those around her safe and sane.  I was upset with her for the way she acted in the beginning of this book, primarily because I HATE when heroines appear to be too wishy-washy, but I was able to forgive that and it was great to learn more about her as she learned more about herself.  Sometimes a woman needs to go through trauma to come out her true self on the other side, much like the forge strengths steel with the most intense heat imaginable. 
Remy was an interesting mix of macho bullshit and gentle southern man, but underneath it all he was the kind of man that goes after what he really wants, even if the person he wants doesn’t realize she needs him.  Remy is a SEAL, which normally would be plenty of reason to love him, but his other traits give a reader so much more reason to love him.  He begins his relationship with Christina, determined that it will be more than just a fling, wanting something deeper, despite her instance to move from zero to sixty way too fast, but he’s willing to oblige his lady.  His anger is more than justified, but that doesn’t stop him from loving and needing to protect Christina when she is placed in serious danger.  There is no question of his ability to kick ass and take names, but what was really interesting about seeing him in action was his intelligence and ability to stay calm and focused in spite of all the drama and distractions.  I enjoyed learning more about Remy and seeing him open up to Christina, while he pried her heart open to insert himself inside it, and it’s obvious that he will be a devoted and loving mate for her for their entire lives.  Oh and need I mention that he’s a sexy Cajun hottie?  Nope, I think that’s a given in all our minds.
If you’re looking for the kind of read that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering just what the hell could happen next, I highly recommend HOT SEAL Lover.  Harris has a way of bringing readers into the lives of a group of people that the general populace will never meet, let alone get to know, even though we all know they exist out there; her ability to force her H/h into life threatening situations while still giving them a chance to fall in love is unparalleled and a true talent that is hard to find in this day and age.  Remy and Christina are obviously made for one another and will have a long and happy life together, even though they will fight and argue, because the connection goes soul deep and nothing will ever come between them once they are truly committed to one another. Remy is a sweet and sexy alpha male, determined to make Christina accept that she needs him as much as he needs her and even when things go wrong, his love for her is unbreakable.  Christina has her ups and downs, betrayed and unable to trust again, but when she meets and falls for Remy she is terrified that he will be like other men in her life her fears get in the way of something that could be truly beautiful.  Thankfully Remy is able to show her that she is safe with him and she finds a way to get past her fears and show Remy that she could truly be the mate of his heart.  The passion between these two is off the charts from the moment their eyes first meet and the more intense the situation they find themselves in, the hotter the fire between them burns.  I am looking forward to whatever comes next for these sexy Navy guys and the other members of the HOT team. Another masterpiece Lynn, keep them coming!

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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