Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mini-Review: Dark Alpha's Embrace (Reaper #2)

Dark Alpha's Embrace (Reaper #2)

by Donna Grant 

 There's no escaping a Reaper. I'm an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only
answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I'm coming for you...
I'm a warrior. My unbreakable determination, my backbone of steel define me. As a Reaper who does Death's bidding, weakness is a word I don't understand. Until a stunning librarian stirs emotions deep within me I've never felt before. Her soft curves blunt the sharp edges of my soul, crushing my defenses - yet make me stronger. But underneath those wide eyes and fierce femininity, she has a weapon, one she won't hesitate to use. And when the Dark begin their deadly descent, we'll need each other's love and protection...or risk fracturing apart.
Themes: Paranormal, Fae
Rating: 3.75 stars
Heat Rating: 
 The reapers are at it again and the battle for the safety of all humans and half-fae rages on.  I was so thrilled to have another spin-off series to enjoy by Donna Grant and the Reapers series is one that fulfills all my desires for a short but intensely wonderful read.  This second installment picks up right where the first one ends, with Kyran and River clashing and then finding love.  River is the protector of a treasury of knowledge that her family has been entrusted to protect and pass on for generations; knowledge that Kyran and the other Reapers require to find a way to defeat their enemies.  But Kyran never imagined that when he found the library they needed, he’d find himself face to face with his future in the form of a sexy and deadly librarian.  River is determined that the books she’s worked so hard to reacquire not be taken, but Kyran convinces her that she needs to team up with the Reapers to keep the world safe for her kind.  I loved Kyran’s character, the perfect example of the bad-boy gone good.  His life as a Dark Fae was one of turmoil and sadness and finally a deadly betrayal, but he’s found a way to atone for all his mistakes serving Death and working alongside the others to keep the world safe from Fae that have crossed the line.  River was also a great heroine.  She has been hiding from the fae all her life while trying to preserve her family legacy, but Kyran brings out her passionate side and teaches her that she is more than simply a librarian; she is the other half of his soul. I am really looking forward to the next story in this series and cannot wait to watch each of these sexy Reapers fall in love with the woman of their dreams.  And of course we all wonder if Death and her Captain will ever be able to be together.  Another hit series by one of the greatest paranormal romance writers around, keep ‘em coming Donna.

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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