Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mini-Review: Dragos Goes to Washington (Elder Races #8.5)

Dragos Goes to Washington (Elder Races #8.5)

by Thea Harrison 

 Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyr, needs to throw a party without maiming anyone.
That isn’t exactly as easy as it might sound.
After the destructive events of the last eighteen months, the Elder Races are heading to Washington D.C. to foster peace with humankind. Not known for his diplomacy skills, Dragos must rely on his mate Pia to help navigate a battlefield of words and polite smiles rather than claws. With Dragos’s mating instinct riding close to the surface, his temper is more volatile than ever and the threat of violence hovers in the air.
Then the human spouse of a prominent politician winds up murdered and Dragos and Pia must race against time to hunt down those behind it before they are held responsible for the crime.
Themes: dragons, shifters, paranormal
Rating: 3.5 stars
Heat Rating: 
 I love these little teaser trilogies that Thea Harrison has shared with us to keep us in suspense of upcoming novels.  This is actually the second round of such trilogies of short stories revolving around the leaders of the Were Demesne, Dragos and Pia Cuelebre, and their son Liam.  Those who have not read the series will probably be a little bit lost, but the story is still cute and gives enough backstory that you can enjoy it.  This story revolves around Pia and Dragos's trip to DC to schmooze with the human government officials that have been both pro and con on the issues of the Others.  While determined to put on a good show, Pia has made life much more difficult for Dragos, deciding it was time to expand their family and sending them both into a very distracting mating heat.  The laughs and sensuality between this husband and wife is by turns sidesplitting and libido-singeing.  When their first foray into Washington politics goes badly awry, Dragos has to think on his feet to keep their friends from becoming enemies and their enemies from starting world war 3. I enjoyed every second of this short story and am looking forward to the next story where Pia travels to Hollywood to liaise with the queen of the light elves. Once these three stories end we have a big story coming soon that I imagine will change a lot for these people.  Thea Harrison continues to amaze me with her imagination and writing skill and I am dying for more. Keep up the great work Thea and you will always have a fan in me.  
*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

Dragos Goes to Washington is the first part of a three-story series about Dragos, Pia, and their son Liam. Each story stands alone, but fans might want to read all three in order as they will be released: Dragos Goes to Washington, Pia Does Hollywood, and Liam Takes Manhattan. (less)

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