Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mini-Review: Dragon on Top

Dragon on Top (Dragon Kin 0.4)

by G.A. Aiken 


Try a little dragon tenderness.
I am Glheanna the Decimator. I am a warrior. A soldier. I know no fear. No pain. No mercy. I do, however, know acute embarrassment! How could I not after getting dumped by a bastard dragon in front of my own troops? So I tuck tail and return to my cave, drowning my sorrows in ale—as is my family’s way. But instead of leaving me to my misery, I’ve been summoned to the Dragon Queen’s court.

As if my life wasn’t pathetic enough, Her Majesty now has me escorting the highborn Bram the Merciful through dangerous territories—not exactly the best use of my military training. And just so he can negotiate with enemy dragons instead of battling them? Honestly, what has my world come to? Then again…Bram is quite easy on the eyes. And the perfect distraction for what ails me. Perhaps I’m looking at all this the wrong way. Maybe there is a place for a little “mercy” in my life…

Themes: Dragons, alternate realities
Rating: 4 stars
Heat Rating:


Unbeknownst to me, I had previously already read this story in the Supernatural anthology, but as always with Aiken, this story was enjoyable.  Full of sarcasm, strangely compelling characters and the dragon humor I’ve come to expect from this series, Bram and Glheanna were an odd couple but they were awesome all the same.  Bram was a sweet, loving, and oblivious kind of guy, but when he wins the affections of his dragon lady he is determined to overlook all the weirdness and danger that comes with mating her (not to mention becoming a member of her family) so that he can have his love.  Glheanna coming from a rather bloodthirsty family and having a father with a rather sketchy past, has come to believe that no man will want her for just herself or can ever really understand her.  When she is given her task to keep Bram safe on his diplomatic journey she never imagined it would be him saving her life and stealing her heart once and for all.  I loved seeing these two fall in love in their own unique way.  It was always hilarious to see how they dealt with each other’s eccentricities.   Bram’s obsession for Glheanna has been obvious to everyone around him a long time, but he never imagines he’d actually get a chance to win her.  Glheanna on the other hand has been chasing after the wrong type of guy from the beginning.  This early story in the Dragon Kin world is one that should not be missed, and though I still firmly wish I had read these in chronological order, sometimes one cannot force a writer to tell their stories that way.  So take a trip back in time if you are a loyal fan and if this is your first foray into Aiken’s unique world enjoy the journey and be prepared for the oddity and sarcasm that marks these arrogant and hilarious dragons and the humans that come into their lives. 

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided.

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