Monday, August 10, 2015

ARC Mini-Review: Laird Wolf

Laird Wolf (Takhini Shifters #2)

by Vivian Arend


Pulling off a rescue mission at a remote castle in Scotland should be an easy task for lone wolf Damon Black. He’ll flash some muscle, show a little Alpha power, and do whatever it takes to ease Addie MacShay’s fears. But the woman who throws herself into his arms and cries boyfriend is more intriguing than anticipated. The sexy she-wolf’s got more curves, more tantalizing scent, more of everything he desires.
Addie’s job cataloguing an estate at the Sterling-Wylde Manor is complicated by the ongoing discovery of new wills and the two creepy heirs who won’t leave her alone. But her fake boyfriend turns out to be a far greater threat—not only is he fun and flirtatious, he looks delicious in a kilt. She craves his touch, but with her empathic skills on overdrive, touch is the last thing she needs.
Damon’s fighting his unruly inner beast. Addie’s fighting their incredible sexual pull. They'll both have to lower their guard to make this more than a Highland fling.
Themes: wolves, paranormal, Scottland!
Rating: 4.5 stars
Heat Rating: 
 Traveling to Scotland we get another glimpse into the fascinating world of Vivian Arend’s shifters that spans across the globe now.  My love of this series began with the wolf shifters of her previous series, and this spin off series so far has been great.  I have enjoyed meeting the other kinds of shifters and the way they blend with the different packs and their allies.  This story revolves around the two best friends of the H/h in the previous story (Copper King) and I was wondering when and if they would get books, but never imagined they would share a love story.  Addie and Damon are both hilarious characters with sharp wits, full of sarcasm and sweetness as well.  Coming to Addie’s rescue at the request of her best friend, his best friend’s mate, Damon never imagined he’d find his wolf’s mate and the love of his life in a woman that has driven him crazy from the beginning of their friendship.  I cannot wait to learn more about these characters, but since the only characters we met in this one were unlikely to be the focus of their own story, I am curious who might be getting their own story next.
Damon never planned to fall in love when he reluctantly travels to Scotland to assist Addie with her problems at the home of her new employer.  When he and Addie come to an agreement about how to handle her concerns, it quickly becomes obvious that those issues are the least of their problem, the biggest of which is the attraction between them.  As they get closer to one another, the sensuality and sweetness that Damon shows Addie makes her think she might be able to share her inner truths with him and find a way to share a life.  When their wolves come out to play and their destiny with them, Addie and Damon are determined to be together, no matter what comes between them.  Damon was a great guy, willing to sacrifice for a friend and give everything for his love, but his darker and dangerous edges make him a well rounded but tortured hero.  Addie was sweet and quirky, dealing with the fallout of her parental lineage and the secret of her gifts.  The overall plot was interesting with some twists and unexpected turns, and the ending kicked butt.  Looking forward to whatever Arend’s imagination kicks out next. 
*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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