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Review: Dangerous Surrender

Dangerous Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City #4)

by Katie Reus


A cold-blooded killer wants her dead.
After her friend is murdered right before her eyes, Taylor uses her wits to escape with just a bullet wound, thankful to be alive. But now the killer isn’t the only one after her—the cops are, too, and Taylor’s not sure she can trust them—or anybody else in her life in California. She decides to turn to her old friend in Vegas, racing there with just the clothes on her back, only to arrive and realize he’s off on his honeymoon. Desperate, she breaks in and crashes.
A former Marine is determined to protect her.
When former Marine Roman MacNeil finds a gorgeous stranger unconscious and bleeding in his friend’s shower, his first thought is to help her . . . until she tries to knock him out with a vodka bottle. Lucky for Taylor, Roman isn’t a man who goes down easily. When he realizes the trouble she’s in, he’s determined to protect her—whatever it takes. As they’re thrust into a deadly situation they discover an attraction they never bargained for. But a determined killer is closing in, and time may be running out.
Themes: suspense, erotica

Rating: 4.5 starsHeat Rating: 


The Serafina staff strikes again.  Reus wins again with her tale of a woman that is in over her head and a man that is determined to keep her safe, from all dangers.   This series has taken many interesting turns through the staff of this hopping Vegas hotel and the men and women that capture their hearts.  I love the series and the original as well, but I find myself becoming more and more intrigued as the series unfolds and more is uncovered.  Always full of passion, intrigue, danger and suspense, the Serafina series will keep you on the edge of your seat through each story, even if they are shorter than I’d like.
I enjoyed very much seeing Taylor lean on Roman, something it is obvious she rarely does, but the danger surrounding her is too much for her to handle alone.  Roman never imagined that the intruder he discovers in his buddy’s house would lead him into such an intense new passion, or into such life-threatening dangers.  The connection they feel for one another is obvious from the very beginning but neither of them are ready for the intensity.  As the dangers around them slowly begin to unravel, their intelligence, determination, and skills keep them safe and uncover the truths that have put Taylor into trouble to begin with.  Seeing them deal with the villains, in some interesting and unexpected ways, reminds me of the greatness of the imagination and wit that is a trademark of this author. 
Taylor was a sexy and sweet woman, but one that has been alone so long that she finds it almost impossible to trust others with anything, much less her life.  She is the kind of woman that has always fended for herself, but when she begins to trust in Roman she finds that they are a great team.  Her feelings for Roman are conflicted in many ways and she is willing to take a chance with him and find a way to indulge their desires.  She is clever in more ways than I can even imagine, and I wish I had her skills and imagination in dealing with her enemies.  Roman too is sexy as hell and his strength is not only physical but in his strength of mind and will as well.  When he finds himself faced with a wounded, but very sexy Taylor, he is conflicted on helping her, but he’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and keep her safe until they can uncover the truth of the crime she is accused of.  Roman has been a guy I wanted to learn more about for a while now and seeing him kicking ass for Taylor and giving her everything she needs again and again reminds me that there really are good guys out there that will keep a woman safe and make her his top priority. 
Roman and Taylor’s story was packed with action as they worked together to thwart a killer, prove Taylor’s innocence and keep them from being killed.  Many times when there is this much action the romance gets pushed to the side, but that is definitely not the case with this story.   Roman is sexy, sensual and passionate in all he does, but seeing him falling for Taylor is awesome, sort of like seeing a mouse bring a tiger to his knees.  Taylor is a sweetly sexy woman, one that is naïve in some ways, but so world weary in others that the juxtaposition of her strength and vulnerability is what makes her a unique and interesting woman.  I have enjoyed each story in this series more and more, and am more than positive that I will enjoy each story in the future even more.   I look forward to what is next and can’t wait for both this series, and the original it spun off from to continue.  Keep up the good work Katie.

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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