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ARC Review: Jaguar Hunt

Jaguar Hunt (Heart of the Jaguar #3)



An agent and a jaguar-shifter chase trouble, and each other, through the jungles of Belize...
Agent Tammy Anderson has a reputation: she prefers to work alone. So when she’s paired up on a mission with jaguar-shifter David Patterson—who’s only recently been released from jail—to say she’s less than thrilled is a understatement. Until she realizes that this sexy agent has what it takes…
Soon, what started as an “easy” mission to locate a missing jaguar takes the pair to Belize, where they’re chasing down two renegade teen shifters who know more than they’re telling. As the action heats up, can they keep their minds on the job and off of each other? 

Themes: shifters, paranormal
Rating: 3.5 stars
Heat Rating: 
I have been a fan of Terry Spear since I bought the first book in her Heart of the Wolf series many years ago on sale for just a penny, and I have never found a book I didn’t like in any of her series since.  Her Jaguar series has many interesting parallels with her Wolf series and even some character crossover that only big fans of both series might catch, which gives me a little chuckle every time it happens.  The Jaguar series is always wild and the settings for most of them are deep and lush rainforests in places I would never venture into personally so getting a chance to go there in these stories is wonderful.  Book three in the series is one that had me laughing often, entranced in the lives of these jaguar shifters and reveling in the intense passion the H/h shared. I am looking forward to what’s next in this series and maybe even a few years from now seeing the sweet but adventurous twin boys getting their own novels.
Tammy is a many layered woman, but a lot of those layers sadly were put into place by untrustworthy men and the pain they caused her.  Her suspicions about her father, the two-timing guys she’s dated in the past and the generally womanizing nature of the men she works with day-to-day, have made her understandably wary of jaguar males and having a relationship with them.  The attraction to David from the beginning is undeniable however.  From the moment she meets the sexy male she finds herself losing more and more of her conviction to keep him away and she knows that if she keeps giving way in her own heart and mind he will worm his way right in and destroy her heart. She is a passionate female and is more than willing to give a no strings affair a try, but David has other plans in mind and sooner than later she finds herself in a relationship that gives her fears a chance to be proven wrong.  Jaded might be a good word to describe her, but David is such a great guy that she is unable to deny herself or him for very long.  When danger arises he doesn’t just push her out of the way, instead trusting her as a full partner, proving to her that they might have a chance for the future.
David is a sexy, fun, and intense jaguar male and his desire for Tammy is one that he refuses to leave unexplored.  When he sees his chance to work with her and spend more time with her, he jumps on the case and inserts himself into her life.  Working to overcome her resistance becomes more than just a fun sexy challenge for him as his heart becomes more and more invested in a relationship with the sexy she-cat.  He works to keep her safe while allowing her to do what she needs to do for her job, but leaving her to her own defenses is just not something he is willing to do.  Sometimes having a man like David stand beside you is just as or even sexier than having him stand in front of you.  David was a bit arrogant at times, but never in a repellent way; more in an exasperating manner that would just make you smile and shake your head at his antics.  He is defiantly a dangerous male in his own right, but seeing him be gentle and caring with the boys and earning their trust we get to see a softer and sweeter side right along with Tammy.  He is quite frankly the whole package—sweet, caring, strong, sexy, and don’t forget he can turn into a big cuddly Jaguar.
Jaguar Hunt is another great story in the Jaguar series that is sexy, entertaining, and hilarious at times.  The series has taken us from the heated jungles of Belize, to the dry heat of Texas, and back again.  The characters are wonderfully, richly written, and the settings are vivid, sensual and a great backdrop for the intense passion between the shifters that populate these pages. David and Tammy’s story is a prime example of all that makes this series great. Tammy is a woman who has lost her trust in the male of the species and has no interest in ever again risking her heart on a male cat that will just break it, until David begins to weasel his way in. David hasn't felt such intense desire for a woman before and is willing to fight to have a chance to explore that passion with Tammy.  Using the opportunity presented to him he insinuates himself into her case and with a little persistence hopes to worm his way into her personal life as well.  I loved seeing these two circling around each other, much like a dance, as they learn more about one another and work together to achieve there several objectives.   I am looking forward to whose books might be coming next in the series and where it might lead us next.  If you haven’t read others in the series or the Heart of the Wolf series, you will enjoy this book for sure, but you will be missing out on a lot of the subtext in the book and I highly recommend you set aside some time to catch up on the greatness that is these two series.

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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