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ARC Review: Angel Seduced

Angel Seduced (The Hidden #3)

by Jaime Rush 


My name is Kye Rivers. I am a Deuce Crescent, which means I have magick running through my veins. Even though my family is Deuce, too, I have always felt like an outcast. Why? Because my particular gift revolves around sensuality, which makes my family uncomfortable. I get my validation and satisfaction from helping people with their sexual pathos. The price for my magick is that falling in love interferes with my abilities. Losing my abilities, and my career, isn’t worth getting involved with some guy who will probably break my heart anyway.
When I met the new bartender, a rare Caido who works at the nightclub that serves as my office and second home, I felt an electric draw like never before. Even scarier, Kasabian isn’t like other angel/human Crescents, who are cool and asexual. Kasabian craves emotions…and he craves me. I fear that what’s different in him is dangerous for both of us.

Themes: Paranormal, Magick, Shifters

Rating: 4 stars

Heat Rating: 


The conclusion to this action packed trilogy is one that cannot be missed.  This series grabbed my attention long ago with just one word…DRAGONS… but the greatness of the other characters and the fantastic interweaving of several plot lines reminds me just why I love this author so much. Rush has a way with words that suck you into every detail of the action and the lives of her characters making you feel like you are right there beside them battling the forces of evil. And really who doesn’t want to feel like a hero just by reading along? The magic of this trilogy comes to a conclusion with a bang and the emotional connection between the H/H is so intense and obviously meant to be that you almost wish you could have more of them just for the “fun”. If you haven’t joined the Hidden in their quest to keep Mundanes safe, I recommend you do so quickly.
Angel Seduced begins with just what you’d think—an Angel seduced by a sexy woman.  Except he’s not really an angel and she is in no way trying to seduce him. Kasabian is a Caido, descended from fallen angels, with the emotional curse that comes along with his existence and he is immediately drawn to Kye when she comes to the bar he is working at.  Her sensuality oozes from her pores, but neither of them is interested in anything more than a casual flirt, even those his craving for her is much more than just a sexual need. Kye’s magick is different from many of her kind, she uses her sensual magick as a sex therapist and to help others deal with their relationships, but meeting Kasabian changes her life forever.  Drawn into a dangerous plot to take over the Hidden world, Kasabian and Kye need each other for survival, but soon the pull between them become undeniable and giving in offers too much pleasure to resist.  But as the danger gets more deadly, Kye and Kasabian have to rely on one another to stay alive and keep the lives of thousands from being destroyed.  Kye knows she shouldn’t rely on an emotionally stunted, mostly arrogant Caido but the love she feels for him is stronger than her doubt; but will it be strong enough to save them both in the end?
Kye is a very interesting woman.  She comes off as a strong character with confidence and bravery as she faces off with her naysayers, but really her vulnerabilities make her a better woman.  She has been looked down on by her family for the nature of her magic and her chosen profession. Her ability to help people gives her a boost, but that feeling of inadequacy has spilled over into her personal relationships, mostly in the fact that she doesn’t allow herself to have one.  Meeting Kasabian sends her for a loop because she isn’t as able to resist his charms as she normally is and when he asks her for help in saving the lives of several children in danger she gives into the need to feel needed, never knowing the true consequences of their actions.  When the magic backfires and links them in a very intense emotional way, neither Kye nor Kasabian are readily able to handle the connection.  Kasabian is different even than most Caidos; a childhood trauma has left him with a darkness in his soul that he doesn’t understand but he knows it is dangerous and desires Kye more than anything.  As they grow closer, their connection deepening and their lust turning into something much more profound, Kasabian’s soul screams to keep Kye for his own, but he fears what he doesn’t understand—primarily any emotion.  He is the perfect wounded hero, giving up his own emotional well-being for the lives and happiness of others, but sometimes the most important thing a hero can do is accept that he needs love too.
The overall plot of this trilogy ends in Angel Seduced with the third angle of the triad being defeated as the Tryah attempt to escape their centuries old prison.  The last two attempts (which you can read about in Dragon Awakened and Magic Possessed) were thwarted by others, and this is the last chance for the bad guys to win.  Thankfully, with a lot of help from their friends and a bit of luck, Kye and Kasabian are able to save the day and keep the bad guys from doing too much damage.  The premise of this trilogy was interesting and timely.  I didn’t realize in the beginning that all three books would be happening simultaneously , but as you read the third story you begin to understand just how much was really going on in that three or four days.  This was masterfully done; how many authors can write three separate and unique love stories revolving around three different but linked villains and still manage to make each battle and each heroic act crucial? Well I can say without any doubt that Rush does it and does it fabulously.  I didn’t feel like I was just getting details of the battles, I was right there alongside them, knowing just what others were doing on their end and knowing that in the end the heroes would win the day.
I was sad to see the Hidden trilogy end here, and I hope that we might get more in the overall world because these creatures are very interesting and have some unique qualities I haven’t found in other series.  Kye and Kasabian are well matched characters with their issues and shortcomings making them both in need of the love that they could only find together.  Seeing them work together to overcome their emotional and exterior issues as they battle the clock and their enemies, shows me that nothing is impossible.  The supporting characters throughout the entire series, and especially this book, keep the story even more interesting and the possibility of stories for them in the future is an intriguing one.  Overall I have loved this trilogy, but surprising for me Kye and Kasabian’s story was my favorite of all.  The love between them was obvious, but at the same time you see the pain that love can sometimes cause. I was thrilled that Kye and Kasabian overcome their fears and was able to find their HEA, after saving the world of course.  Rush has given me another wonderful experience, and remains one of my favorite go-to authors.  Please give us more of the Hidden!
*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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