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ARC Mini-Review: Dead Sexy Dragon

Dead Sexy Dragon (Dragon Heat #1)



The last thing dragon shifter Stig Wyvern needs is his dead friend’s kid sister showing up on his doorstep. He’s just minutes away from entering a mating phase. Sharing his isolated house with the young woman he’s desperately lusted after for quite some time is a recipe for disaster.
But Cora Cardenas has nowhere else to go. She’s in deep trouble with some really nasty people and Stig is the only one who can protect her. That he’s deliciously sexy and makes her tingle with the simplest of smiles is just a bonus.
Cora quickly realizes Stig is hiding something from her. To make matters worse, she’s plagued with breathtakingly naughty dreams starring a shadowed lover who bears a startling resemblance to her host. And just what the hell is going on down in the basement at night?
Stig needs to get Cora out of his house but his inner beast has other ideas. He’s found his mate and she’s not going anywhere...


Is there any sexier kind of shapeshifters than the immortal and terrifying Dragon? Though I’ve read many dragon shifter stories this is a first read for me by Ms. Lopez.  It was interesting to see a new take on the legend of the dragon and the humans that share in their magic.  The story was a bit short, but as an introduction to the new series it was a great read.
The story begins quickly with Stig’s battle against his inner dragon as he goes into a heat cycle, one that apparently leaves him a slavering beast for the ladies.  Just as he’s about to lock himself away to keep others safe, he has an unexpected house guest arrive on his doorstep.  Desperate and in danger Cora, slips her way into his house and ultimately his heart.  As the connection between them become more evident, Stig is unable to deny Cora the truth of him and his heritage.  She seems to accept him and all his difference with very little fear or reluctance.  Without that deceit between them the need to resist her sexual pull becomes undeniable and they fall into bed almost immediately and the sexual heat is outrageous.
There was definitely an extreme passion that moved between them like a current through a live wire from the moment they were on the page together.   Cora has obviously desired Stig for a long time, but been unable to get him to accept the attraction because of his connection to her brother.  When Stig finally gives in to their desires the heat and chemistry that brings them together is a crucial part of any romance story.  I will say that though there was an obvious attraction and an underlying affection, the love came very quickly and I was surprised that there wasn’t a bit more time for their relationship to build before they committed to being eternal mates.

I enjoyed this story and liked very much the writing style and voice of this author.  I’m looking forward to trying more of her writing and enjoying the next in this series.  The next story will hopefully involve some of the dragons we met in this story, allowing us to see more of Cora and Stig at the same time.  A definite twist on the dragon stories I’ve read in the past, and the vivid description of the beasts leads to be able to see the dragons in our minds perfectly.  Cora and Stig were great together and seeing Cora be Stig’s hero at one point was a laugh a minute for me—big bad dragon male saved by the feeble human girl? Oh yeah beat that! If you’ve read dragon shifter stories in the past you will not be disappointed by this imaginative, sexy, and fascinating take on the legend and the love that can develop for these dragons and their mates. 

Rating: 3 stars

Rose Rating: 

*eARC provided by publisher (via netgalley) for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.  No compensation was provided. 

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