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Review: Haunted Moon

Haunted Moon (Otherworld #13)

by Yasmine Galenorn

We’re the D’Artigo sisters: savvy half-human, half-Fae ex-operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. My sister Delilah is a two-faced werecat and a Death Maiden. My sister Menolly is a vampire married to a werepuma. And me? I’m Camille, a wicked-good witch with three sexy husbands. I’m a priestess of the Moon Mother, and I’m training under the Queen of Darkness. Unfortunately, playing in the dark means that sometimes you stumble over secrets better left buried…
There’s a new Fae sorcerer in town—Bran, the son of Raven Mother and the Black Unicorn—and I’m the unwilling liaison between him and our new Earthside OIA. With cemeteries being ransacked and spirits being harvested by a sinister, otherworldly force, Aeval sends us to rescue the missing wife of a prominent member of the Fae nobility. Our search leads us to the mysterious Aleksais Psychic Network and, ultimately, to face the Lord of Ghosts where Morio and I must undergo a ritual that will plunge us directly into the world of the dead.


For any of those who have followed this series from the beginning, Haunted Moon was a great addition to the series for sure.  For those that haven’t been following the series it would be a good read too, but you probably won’t be as deeply affected by some of the scenes as others.  Camille’s newest installment is a great addition to both her personal story and the overall Otherworld series.  Galenorn never ceases to amaze me with her plotting and her techniques.   Though I would say that portions of the series are romantic, classifying these stories as romance would be a mistake, really they are just paranormal suspense with a bit of sex and love thrown in for fun.  Not that it makes them bad reads for romance lovers, but you should keep it in mind when reading the series or even if you are only looking for romance as the main reason for the book.
Camille is finally coming in to her powers as a Dark Moon witch, her training with both Morio and the Earthside Queens finally giving her an outlet for her magic.  Her husbands are driving her crazy as usual, but it’s great to finally see her developing a deeper relationship and spending more alone time with Morio.  Previous installments of Camille’s life have focused on the relationships with Trillian and Smoky, but Morio is just as important to her and it’s nice to see him get his time to shine and their own special bond deepen. 
The drama of the Ghosts and creepy spirit harvesting happening around them is fun to read too.  The story once again takes intriguing turns as the sisters deal with the dark forces after them and working against them to challenge the rule of the Fae.   The Lord of Ghosts and the storyline surrounding his defeat was interesting and I loved seeing the girls thwart his forces at every turn.  The magic in this story was very deep as well, with Camille and Morio undergoing the Great Rite to become a matched Priest and Priestess.  Seeing them come together in a magical mating along with their loving bond was awesome, giving Morio and Camille their own special bond, not shared with her other husbands. 
Overall this series had become the tiniest bit tedious, but Haunted Moon has brought back the excitement for me and now I can’t wait for Delilah’s next story soon.  Camille and her men are of course sexy as hell to read about, and pleasantly there were more love scenes in this story than usually can be found in this series.  It was also fun to see the other couples and their growing and changing relationships, especially Chase and his new little family.  If you haven’t read the series, you definitely need to start at the beginning and read the whole thing so you can be immersed in this fabulous world with the rest of us.  Hurry, don’t wait! Just grab the whole series and spend a weekend becoming a follower. Keep it coming Yasmine!

Rating:   4.75 stars

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