Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: One Night in Scotland

For my Very first review in my brand spanking new blog, I wanted to start with one of my tamer reads and one of my favorite authors.

One Night in Scotland (Hurst Amulet #1)

by Karen Hawkins


New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins begins a sparkling new series with this thrilling tale of a desperate beauty on an urgent quest, a dark earl scarred by his beastly past—and the ancient treasure that binds their fates.  
A mysterious abductor . . . Someone is holding her brother prisoner in exchange for a gold-and-onyx box covered in mysterious runes, so Mary Hurst boldly sets out from the family vicarage to find the priceless artifact. But the man who possesses it, Angus Hay, the Earl of Erroll, is less than sympathetic to her plight.

A forbidding stranger . . . Himself a prisoner of his dark past, Angus refuses to yield the box—or allow Mary to leave! Suspicious of the alluring lass’s mission, he vows to wrest a confession from her, but unearths a fiery temper and a will as strong as his own.

An unbreakable curse . . . Passion flares between them, but now there is more at stake: an unknown enemy is hunting down the precious box, and will stop at nothing. Risking all for love, Angus must solve the mystery behind the runes . . . and trust the only woman who can awaken his forgotten heart.

My Review:

I have been in love with all of these characters since the beginning of the Maclean series and was very thrilled to see the Hurst children all grown up and finding loves of their own. Mary was another interesting heroine in a family of adventurers, but she was just beginning to come into her own. Faced with the dark and distrusting Angus Hay, she is forced to find her inner mischievousness and embrace the adventure she has inadvertently landed herself in. Angus, a forbidding and introverted man, who is still feeling the guilt and loss of his first wife's death, see a playful and lightness to Mary that he initially fears, but learns to love as it tempers his darker nature. Dealing with all the mistrust and passion in their newfound friendship and attempting to overcome the challenges they face, together they uncover the truth of both their circumstances and their hearts. An overall great read with a promising beginning to another great Hawkins Series.

Ratings: 4 stars 
Rose Rating: 

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